Overseas expansion

Yamada Confectionary’s machinery is in use in the U.S. (in New York, San Francisco, and other major cities), as well as Brazil, China, S. Korea, Hong Kong, Macao, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, and other countries around the world. Products produced range from takoyaki fritters to crepes, senbei crackers, tarts, waffles, and many more. Products also include frozen takoyaki sold in convenience stores in SE Asia. The market in Brazil, where there are many people of Japanese descent, is showing growth. When we build a prototype in Japan, we bring in water from the destination country and engage in specialized development of flour by collaborating with flour milling companies. This allows us to make high quality products and enhance the “soft” aspect of our business. This is part of our approach to accumulating expertise, pursuing daily growth as a company, and moving forward in the manufacture and sale of grilling and baking equipment.

Abundant overseas sales results

Sales performance
Expansion destination machine
America Los Angeles Various baking machine
United States New York Various baking machine
America San Francisco Various baking machine
Brazil Various baking machine
China Automatic Takoyaki baking machine
Crepe baking machine
Tarut cup baking machine
Various baking machine
Hong Kong Tarut cup baking machine
Macau Automatic Flour cracker baking machine
Korea Various baking machine
Taiwan Various baking machine
Thailand Waffle baking machine
Vietnam Automatic Takoyaki baking machine
Other We are deploying to all over the world

Overseas support

Fully custom made products for our clients.

When we receive referrals, we often hear comments such as, “Yamada Confectionary is the only company we think of when looking for a way to put our ideas into action.” Every year, the number of inquiries we receive from overseas increases.


Trusted reliability

Our machinery has excellent durability. We have manufactured machines that produce 40,000 takoyaki per hour in China. These machines run continuously for 20 hours a day, followed by 2 hours of maintenance and cleaning, then 2 hours of rest. Our tough equipment has the durability to handle long hours of operation.


Merits for customers

We can deliver fine-tuned services that meet the needs of customers making their first forays overseas, or those who already have a presence overseas.


It is our belief that in business, human relations are key. Meeting and speaking in person is the best way for parties to mutually determine who can become trusted partners. If you are located overseas, we will still try to come and meet with you in person. We want to listen closely to your descriptions of the products you truly want to create, which we will strive to faithfully reproduce in every detail.


On-site circumstances differ between Japan and other countries. The most salient difference is the water quality and the variations in hard and soft water. The same ingredients yield different results depending on the water, so we test our prototypes with water that matches your local water. We strive for creative solutions toward consistent dough by collaborating with ingredient manufacturers as well. If the dough is stable, the machine will also be stable, thereby ensuring long-term use without breakage.


We build our machines to meet the requirements of UL standards in the U.S., CE standards in Europe, as well as those in other countries. In some cases, we even import components unavailable in Japan, then re-export the assembled result. We welcome business offers from overseas companies, as well as Japanese companies looking to get operations started abroad.

Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about your overseas business expansion.