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Company overview | Yamada Confectionary Machine Co., Ltd.'s Company overview | Yamada Confectionary Machine Co., Ltd.'s

Company overview

Warm greetings

Our current success can be attributed to the clients that choose our products, the staff that build our precision equipment, the companies that partner with us, and the supporters that believe in us. 
Delighting all of the people that are involved with Yamada’s business is essential to our company. Our company seeks ways to ensure that everyone, rather than just one person, benefits. It is people who make a company.

A machine made by Yamada Confectionary is a machine made by everyone.  We dedicate effort to forming a consensus within the company. If even one person is pointed in a different direction, the final product will come out different.We also value the external parties, such as our partner companies, that are involved. By first having our partners allied with us, we are able to craft a safe and reliable machine. Together, we generate stable employment and spread Japanese food products to the world.  

We continue to work with smiles all around, while building relationships of mutual prosperity.
Yamada Confectionary Machine Co., Ltd.’s nearly 100 years of history gives credence to our policy of valuing people.

CEO Futoshi Yamada


  • company name
    Yamada Confectionary Machine Co., Ltd.’s
  • location
    【head office】
     2-104,Wakabayashi-Cho,Yao-City, Osaka, 581-0038 Japan
    【Yao Second factory】
     2-109,Wakabayashi-Cho,Yao-City, Osaka, 581-0038 Japan
  • tel
  • Representative
    Futoshi Yamada
  • Capital
    10 million yen
  • Establishment
  • the purpose
    Designing, manufacturing and sales of various confectionery food machines
  • Main banks
    Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Uemachi Branch
    Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Ueda Branch
    Osaka City Shinkin Bank Ikuno Branch
  • Handling model
    Automatic Takoyaki baking machine,Automatic Okonomiyaki baking machine,
    Automatic Flour cracker baking machine,Automatic Bun-cake baking machine,
    Crepe baking machine,Waffle baking machine,Tarut cup baking machine etc
  • Main sales destination
    Domestic famous Japanese confectionary manufacturing industry,
    frozen food manufacturing industry etc.,
    Food manufacturers in China, South Korea,
    Taiwan and other Southeast Asia and large-scale dealers
  • Affiliate
    YWC Co., Ltd.
    I would be pleased if you ask us for maintenance request from YWC Co., Ltd. in the future
    YWC Co., Ltd.
  • History

  • April 1927
    Founder founded in Miyoshima Prefecture
  • September 1954
    Inheritance in Kamikuni business in the second generation at Minami-ku Uehonmachi
  • August 1966
    Moved to Tennoji-ku Karakiyo-cho, established a corporation
  • September 1973
    Headquarters building in Tennoji-ku Jonanji Town built and relocated
  • September 2006
    Kozo Yamada assumed office as president
  • October 2013
    Moved to current location for business expansion, now
  • June 2015
    Futochi Yamada assumed office as director
  • March 2015
    Newly established Yao second factory for business expansion
  • October 2017
    Establishment of new company YMC Co., Ltd. (Maintenance business center)
    I would be pleased if you ask us for maintenance request from YWC Co., Ltd. in the future