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Frequently Asked Questions | Yamada Confectionary Machine Co., Ltd.'s Frequently Asked Questions | Yamada Confectionary Machine Co., Ltd.'s

Frequently Asked Questions

Work flow from questions/inquiries, to equipment installation.

  1. 1Inquiries
    First, a client contacts us by phone or through the inquiry form on our website.
    Since we are happy to handle evolving projects, we will first ask for some general information, then ask to set a date to visit you.
  2. 2Meeting in person
    When we meet in person, we will work out the particulars of the project. Allow us to ask about your specific needs. Both the meeting and our estimate are provided free of charge.
  3. 3Grilling/baking test
    A grilling/baking test will be conducted with a sample mold. Once it is determined that a machine can be viable, we will ask for a formal order.
  4. 4On-site observation
    We will visit the site where the production will take place in order to see the size of doorways, the setup location, the production process, etc.
  5. 5Machinery design
    We will design a machine suited to your specific production line.
  6. 6Test runs
    Test runs and trial operations will be carried out.
    We will make micro-adjustments as needed.
  7. 7Delivery and installation
    Once there is a final okay on completing the machine and making it operational, it will be delivered and installed on site.
  8. 8After-sales services
    We guarantee our machinery against initial defects for the first year after the sale. From that point on, we are also happy to address any concerns over break downs or malfunctions.
    Our equipment is sturdy and rugged, allowing some factories to keep it in use for more than 40 years.
    We value our long-term relationship with you as a customer.
【Target period until delivery】
1.5 mos. at minimum, extending out to 1 year. All our products are fully custom made.
We build the machines to meet your demands, which entails a reasonable amount of time, depending on specifications.

Please feel free to submit any questions or requests that are not answered by the above.